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Gain Knowledge - Build Trust

The family unit is the fabric of our society and parenthood is one of the greatest responsibilities in life. Every family relationship including parenthood should stand on solid ground. The Galantos Family Test is the easiest way to be assured, to be certain and to gain piece of mind.


Apart from finding out about fatherhood, the Galantos Family Test can also test other relationships within a family. Are two siblings or other family members related to each other? Do they even belong to the same biological family?

Whether it be the search for a long lost or possibly even unknown family relative, or a dispute over a deceased estate, having clarity can have enormous meaning in these situations. Our test can deliver clear answers to these questions.


The Galantos Family Test is:


    Our Test Set includes everything you need to take a DNA test sample. The process is documented in detail, including pictures.


    We simply need a sample of saliva wiped from the inside of the mouth. This sample is taken using a soft cotton swab or “Q-tip”.  


    Taking a test sample only takes a few minutes. As soon as the order and payment have been confirmed, it only takes a few days for the analysis to be completed and to provide the certified test results.


    We guarantee that the paternity test is at least 99.99% accurate, even when only the father and child – but not the mother - provide the DNA samples. In actual fact, the accuracy of the result is usually much higher, far above 99.9999%. Should we not be able to achieve this guaranteed accuracy at the first attempt, we shall provide additional testing at no extra charge.


    We guarantee the most stringent data protection and strictly follow the German Federal Data Protection Law. Your personal information is saved exclusively on our internal server and is therefore 100% safe from hackers and protected from internet viruses. Your personal data is available only to you, and any persons you have authorized. The test results are sent in a discreet neutral envelope to the delivery address of your choice.




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