paternitytest vaterschaftstest

Products & Prices

Family Test Standard (19 DNA STAs) Price per test
2-3 Test subjects (father+child+moher or father+child) 196 Euro
per additional person 99 Euro
3 person test (father+child1+child2) 249 Euro
3 person test (father1+father2+child) 249 Euro
special documentation for official use + 60 Euro
Test for German Aliens Department (all test persons are living in Germany) 296 Euro
Test for Immigration (one ore more test persons are abroad) 495 Euro
*all prices include 16% VAT and postage costs within Germany
Other test material * please call the lab by phone before sending forensic samples Price for 1 st test
Base price 196 Euro
Blood +154 Euro
Hair with root +154 Euro
Tissue/Kleenex +154 Euro
Ear cleaner/Q-tip +154 Euro
Postage stamp +154 Euro
Baby pacifier +154Euro
Chewing/bubble gum +154 Euro
Cigarette filter +154 Euro
Spoon +154 Euro
Cell culture +154 Euro
 Additional cost for each extra sample +99 Euro
Other sample material not mentioned available on request
Brother test: (no DNA material from the father necessary)
2 male persons 486 Euro
*All prices include VAT / We charge 20 € in addition for banktransfer and shipping to sell abroad.


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