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Why do you need a personal DNA-profile?

Everyone can get a personal DNA profile done. After a major accident or other catastrophes such as plane crashes, fire or other incidents, victims often can only be identified on the basis of their DNA. If there is a DNA profile available, things such like life insurance out payments, inheritance and other concerns could be much easier and faster regulated.

We analyse 16 of the world's most recognized STR-systems. Their lengths are different from person to person; therefore it allows us to make definite assignments.

This is the international recognized marker, which is also getting used by criminal investigation agencies, so that a data adjustment for programs regarding victim identifications can easily be made.


The chosen markers are to be found in the so called uncoded DNA areas. Therefore, it is not possible to give statements regarding eventual sickness, personality- or other features of a person. Just like a real finger print can identify a person definitely, but can't give away any other features.

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