paternitytest vaterschaftstest

Pictures & Step-by-Step Instructions

  The test includes four small satchels with 2 Q-tips each. The symbol K' is for child, V' is for the so believed father, and M' for mother. The unmarked bag can be used for another test person.
Roll the Q-tip with moderate pressure along the inner side of the mouth about 20 times, so that the Q-tip is thoroughly moistened. Then put it back in the satchel.
  Remove the Q-tip with clean, dry hands only.
Please use the second Q-tip of the same color for the smear test on the other side of the mouth. Then put the second Q-tip back in the bag. They will dry themselves inside the satchel.
  Do not eat or drink half hour before the taking the sample! Please rinse the mouth with tap water directly before the test, do not use toothpaste or other mouthwash lotions. Please close the bag with the filled out label. Make sure that the test person’s sample Q-tips never get in contact or touch another. Make sure the bags are marked correctly.
  Open the satchel by slowly and carefully pulling the two sides apart. Start at the end without the markings K, V or M. Do not tear the satchel. Be sure not to touch the cotton tip by holding it by the stem only.
Wrap the samples and pack them into the envelope with the filled out order form. As soon as we receive the samples, your signed order form and payment, we will inform you about the results of the test.


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